Why Moving to Austin?

The secret is out! Everyone who visits Austin these days has great things to say. They can't stop thinking about our legendary live music, burgeoning food scene, and unique southwestern culture. The rest of the country has already taken notice – and now you've got to experience it for yourself.

Live Music

For decades, Austin has been widely known as “Live Music Capital of the World” with great venues like Stubb's Bar-B-Q and Antone's, as well as the long-running PBS program Austin City Limits.

Great Food

Austin has all the authentic Texas barbeque you can handle, plus the widest variety of other options in the state. Co-op efforts like Wheatsville (food) and Black Star (brewing) speak for Austin as a true community of people who care about what they eat.

Quality Education

More than 650 public and private schools, plus a handful of acclaimed colleges and universities, promise your growing family all the perfect opportunities for a bright future.

Thriving Business

Forbes named Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos the number one place for business in 2010. Five Austin companies made CNN Money's 2011 list of “The 100 Best Companies to Work For” including National Instruments and Whole Foods Market.

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I Want to Move to Austin

Everyone is talking about Austin these days. And why wouldn’t they, especially since Austin has been ranked the nation’s eighth best city. This ranking had been done keeping in mind the cultural and the entertainment venues, economic conditions, educational opportunities and eating places. If you are thinking of moving to Austin, then your decision is definitely not a bad one, especially considering the fact that Austin has a lot to offer. In this article you will find information that will make your move a lot easier.
Austin has a lot to offer. From great live music to great food, thriving business and quality education. In fact, the living conditions there have greatly improved from how they were in the past. All thanks to better economic conditions due to so many businesses operating there which ensure more job availability and higher employment rates.

Real Estate Conditions in Austin

Austin homes are known to be a great investment, especially these days. The realtors in Austin have been benefiting a lot since many prospective buyers and entrepreneurs are now looking for homes in Austin. The economic conditions of Austin are also becoming better and there are better employment opportunities in the city which is particularly very family friendly. The realtors also claim that home prices are actually affordable in Austin compared to other cities of similar size and conditions. The average home prices there are around $230,000. Austin home search can become tremendously easy because of Austin realtors who help you out by telling you which area you would find most attractive to live in, and what different options you have. For example, for someone who would rather prefer being in the midst of live music, cultural events and the latest happenings would be well suited downtown as opposed to the suburbs. For people who are more family oriented seeking peace and tranquility would probably search Austin homes that would offer them that, like the suburbs.

Economic Activity in Austin:

A lot of big corporations have made a move to and decided to expand their operations to Austin. This makes economic activity very attractive there, resulting in a lot of job opportunities. More job opportunities have made it possible for homes to be more affordable and hence more and more people now are deciding to move to Austin. The two sectors that are known to grow rapidly in Austin are the technology and entertainment sectors with the real estate sector just firing up and increasing in demand. The economic activity and the real estate conditions are expected to continue to grow and become better in the future. Hence investing in a new home in Austin is actually going to add a lot of financial security to your asset and you will likely benefit a lot from this in the near future as well. If you plan on buying a home in Austin, it is advisable to move fast and not to procrastinate, because deals close quickly. So act now if you do not want to regret it later.

Austin Homes are One of the Best Investments

June 20th, 2013 the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) just announced that the median home price increased 8% from 2012, which is an incredible annual return on an investment. Some of the best bonds only offer a 3-4% annual return and who knows the return stocks will lend!

Thinking of Moving to Austin?

The report also shows that, on average, homes were on the market for only 44 days from opening listing to closing. This means that if you are looking to buy a home in Austin, you must act fast, as they will not be on the market for long. There are many stories around town of people paying more than the asking price, just to be able to close on the house immediately. This isn’t always the best idea, but if you find the home you like, make sure you act quickly, before it gets snatched from underneath you.

If You Search Austin Homes…

The same report showed that single family homes sold are up 29% from May 2012, with 2,991 single family homes sold in May 2013. Not only is new building on the increase, but people are moving all around Austin, from East to South and really all over. As long as reports keep coming out about how weird & cool the city is with live music, X Games, festivals, etc… then people will keep coming. I heard a story from one Austin native that bought a home back in 1981 for $24,000 in Central Austin at 55th and Duval St. (what was then considered North, almost suburbs). He and his family lived in the home for 22 years and then he rented the home for another 10 years so he was free and clear of his note and owned the house in full. When he went to sell his home, he was shocked to learn that he should list the house for $320k. He sold the house for his asking price and gained a 18% annual return on his investment.

What a Realtor in Austin Will Tell You…

The total dollar volume of single family homes on the market is $904.5 million. This is a 40% increase from May of 2012. This number comes with 11% more new listings on the market. The total dollar value increase is a combination of an increase in home prices that are being sold and more new homes being built. Very few new homes are being built in the central area of Austin. Between I35 and Mo-Pac, South of 183 and north of 71, there are a few scattered new homes where the owner has demolished the previous house and started from the ground up. Most new homes are being built in communities outside central Austin, especially East and South Austin. A lot of area the was previously stagnant and unused is now becoming densely populated. The end of the Austin housing boom doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. With the build of the Circuit of the Americas racetrack, bringing in new visitors all over the country, Austin City Limits expanding to 2 weekends and the completion of many toll roads looping around the city, continued growth is immanent and will be enjoyed by many for a long time to come.    

Austin Named One of the Fittest Cities in the Country

Austinites have been enjoying all forms of exercising before there were polls and Top 10 lists. It’s nice to know that for those that like to get out and go for a bike ride, jog, row or pick-up game of basketball, you’re in good company.

A poll was just released from Shape Magazine citing Austin as the 10th fittest city in the country. The article points to many reasons why Austin is pretty fit, one of them being a lot of the healthy food stores and restaurants such as Whole Foods & Snap Kitchen. These popular places don’t just boast low-calorie or vegetarian, but organic, gluten-free and farm-to-table offerings. If that’s not your style, don’t worry, Austin still welcomes many of the fun food options such as Franklins BBQ, Torchy’s Tacos and Gordo’s Doughnut Sandwich Shop.

Aside from all of the food options, Austin has over 100 various types of day spas, fitness classes and group outdoor activities. From far South to the North edge of down, you’ll find day spas every few miles. Whether you preference is skin treatment, acupuncture, highlights for that new haircut or a reiki massage every type of service is only a couple miles away.

One of the new trends you’ll find at Austin’s downtown water retreat, known as town lake, is stand up paddle board or abbreviated as SUP. Really this is just a laid back way to cruise around the lake, often you’ll find paddle boarders sitting or laying down to take a break in the shade- maybe the kayakers had it right! But maybe there is something to that whole spice of life thing.

Austin proudly boasts maintaining over 220 city parks. You’ll often hear of the larger parks like Zilker, Paese and Walnut Creek, but really anywhere you decide to take up residence in Austin, you’re less than a mile away from a well-groomed city park. One thing Austinites are pretty good at is finding unique ways to enjoy the parks. You’ll see things like disc golf, which is similar to golf but the ball is a frisbee and the hole is a chained net. Also, Kite Fest at Zilker park can be a fun time for all ages. Don’t show up and think that you’ll only see kids flying kites. Maybe youthful at heart, but the median age out there is typically late 20′s or early 30′s.

Group fitness classes are trending up as well. CrossFit is sweeping the city, which is basically outdoor/ indoor fitness classes with 5-15 people. Using kettle bells, weight sleds, or just lifting your own body weight members push each other to get through the intense classes and earn the margarita at the end of the day.

If you are interested in the more laid back approach, many studios offer Yoga or Pilates classes. Often indoor to gain a break from the Texas sun, these classes aim at notching up the body and soul. The many studios around town and options around the clock keep these classes from being overly packed, but if this is your sort of thing, there is a class out there for you!  

Austin Ranked 8th Best City in the Nation

Bloomberg BusinessWeek has recently ranked Austin, Texas as the eighth best city in the United States in their comprehensive evaluation. The ranking system assessed 100 of the largest cities in the nation over a myriad of different factors such as eating establishments, cultural and entertainment venues, parks and recreational activities, educational opportunities, and economic circumstances. Many residents of the city attribute their move to Austin as one of the best lifestyle choices they have made, citing both personal and professional fulfillment. Furthermore, this claim is bolstered by the influx of new residents moving to Austin over the past five years who are able to easily transition to an enjoyable life while echoing many of the same sentiments.

Longtime residents and newcomers moving to Austin point out the great abundance of parks, restaurants, and outdoor activities that are conducive to the temperate climate of Central Texas. Additionally, most point out that before considering the move to Austin they spent a great deal of time researching the job market and its future prospects. Increasing numbers of businesses and high employee income growth rates have been especially attractive and have served to draw skilled workers to the city. In turn, the median household income remains high at $65,000 per year, while the unemployment rate in much lower than the national average.

An additional factor that Texans point out when moving to Austin is the housing market. Real estate in Austin, Texas has remained very affordable and the market has seen steady growth increases since the downturn in 2007. The Multiple Listing Service reported nearly 2,000 homes sold in October of 2012, which is a 37 percent increase over the previous year. This increased demand has served to pull existing homeowners out from underwater by increasing home values to an amount greater than that owed to lending institutions. Additionally, new homeowners moving to Austin have been galvanized by the recent upturn as they look toward a future in which their investments will continue to accrue value.

Yet in beginning to search Austin homes the experience can seem initially daunting. Homebuyers will want to balance location, price, and size of their potential home. Accordingly, Linda Dittoe, one of the most skilled realtors in Austin, is in a great position to guide homebuyers along in the process. Ms. Dittoe is able to inform clients on the venues, establishments, and recreational activities in different parts of the city as well as advise clients on the most attractive schools and areas that would offer reduced commute times based on the client’s place of employment. While this expertise can be helpful to longtime residents of the city it is especially important for those who are moving to Austin to pursue one of the many jobs created in the recent economic growth. The Austin home search doesn’t have to be an exhausting process, and with a knowledgeable and skilled realtor like Linda Dittoe clients inevitably end up in a much better position to navigate the real estate market of Austin, Texas.


Austin Continues to Enjoy Sustained Economic Growth

Austin continues to shine as one of the few metropolitan markets experiencing sustained growth over the past year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees moving to Austin have seen a five percent growth rate in their base pay over the past year. The prospect of an increase in buying power has spurred many others to move to Austin in search of similar opportunities, while also providing current residents the flexibility to purchase more goods and services relative to counterparts in similar cities. Inevitably, this has provides an influx of resources into the market which has spurred new businesses to open their doors and provide further opportunities in order to meet market demand.

In response to increases in buying power, real estate in Austin, Texas has seen an upsurge as businesses and new employees are moving to Austin in response to increased opportunities. Commercial real estate has seen a gradual increase, with the addition of over 1,000 new businesses entering the city within the past year. Yet the real estate market has most significantly been affected by the Austin home search that has rallied to a 17 percent increase over the previous year. As new employees move to Austin and purchase real estate, Linda Dittoe, an Austin realtor, has been able to successfully and professionally provide clients with a choice of homes in a market that is positioned to bring further returns to homebuyers. For instance, in the third quarter of 2012 home prices in Austin increased nearly three percent, providing a sign that the housing market continues its rise. Overall, the search for Austin homes has been lively and the current market provides a great opportunity to secure a real estate investment.

The market research firm Pitney Bowes Software recently unveiled further evidence for the viability of real estate in Austin, Texas. The firm has projected that Austin will be one of ten major cities to experience the largest gains in household formation over the subsequent five years. Given the projected increase in demand, housing prices are likely to increase sharply in response. Needless to say, now is the best to contact Linda Dittoe if you are considering moving to Austin or purchasing a home as she is one of the most skilled realtors in the city. Not only will she be able to provide an overview of the market and guide you toward housing that fits your needs and price point, but also she will do so while looking out for your best interests in a challenging and fluid market.

The Austin home search doesn’t have to be exhausting and complicated. Regardless of whether you are in the market for a single family home, a duplex, or a condominium, Linda Dittoe will be able to provide you with the support and expertise you need to purchase your dream home. Furthermore, since Austin is projected to continue its steady economic growth and strong real estate market, the price of a new home is sure to be a great investment in the future and add financial security to your portfolio.

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Austin’s Real Estate Market Maintains Steady Growth

Realtor Austin

Austin has long been known as a powerhouse in the real estate market and the city has recently been living up to expectations. The previous economic downturn has given rise to a new sustained growth in Austin that has proved healthy and sustainable for buyers, sellers, and lenders. Recently, the Austin Board of Realtors released a report commissioned by the Multiple Listing Service that real estate in Austin, Texas has enjoyed an increase in sales volume every month during 2012. Additionally, November of 2012 was the highest grossing sales month since the downturn of 2007, providing yet another indicator that the momentum is not going to be short-lived.

This sustained increase in volume and gross sales has provided for increased investor confidence and has spurred the market to a stronger position than ever. Realtors in Austin are increasingly busy as many investors and entrepreneurs search Austin homes while anticipating increased long-term growth prospects. In response, lenders have made their mortgage terms appealing to investment while maintaining consistent and fair terms for first time home buyers. In turn, this has successfully brought investment capital back into the real estate market while also providing financing terms that have attracted many new employees as they move to Austin. The latter lending strategy has provided the backbone for the majority of the upswing in the market, and is directly related to those choosing to move to Austin in search of better employment opportunities and a family friendly city.

Apart from favorable lending conditions, the economic market in Austin continues to expand and has been the most powerful catalyst spurring many to consider moving to Austin in anticipation of work. The technology and entertainment sectors are growing rapidly with many well-known corporations expanding operations in order to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Last year alone brought over 1,000 new businesses to Austin and saw the creation of over 25,000 new jobs in the city. In turn, realtors in Austin have reported an additional increase in demand for real estate in Austin, Texas with 19 percent higher sales recorded than the previous year.

Yet despite the upsurge, realtors in Austin have reported that home prices remain affordable relative to other large cities with similar public resources. Home prices have hovered around an average of $200,000, and given the upsurge in technology driven employment prospects these homes remain very affordable for many choosing to begin their Austin home search. Yet these affordable homes are on the rise, and they are projected to bring homebuyers a substantial return on their investment as the market continues to grow in the future. Consequently, realtors in Austin have greatly streamlined the search for Austin homes so that you can find a pleasant affordable home that will continue to increase in value along with the vibrant economy of the city. Overall, the confluence of momentum in the job sector along with investor, buyer, and seller confidence have created the perfect time to consider a move to Austin and the purchase of a home.

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Austin’s Economic Prosperity Continues to Climb

Despite the nationwide fiscal stagnation, Austin remains a vibrant economic beacon to which many businesses are turning in search of skilled employees. Recently, many large corporations have committed to moving to Austin, or expand existing operations. Notably, Apple Inc., General Motors Co., and Visa Inc. have all expanded operations in Austin, creating an environment in which technologically savvy workers are greatly in demand. Additionally, entertainment firms and real estate markets have enjoyed tremendous success that has created a robust and flourishing relationship between Austin’s diverse economic interests. Overall, this is evidenced by an unemployment rate in Austin that is nearly three percent lower than the nationwide average. Yet it doesn’t seem Austin will stop its upward trend anytime in the near future. The city is positioned to continue its expansion, and analysts have predicted over 50,000 new jobs in the next two years.

This ensuing flux of jobs in central Texas has created an ideal opportunity for those who are entertaining prospects in an otherwise tough job market. Those considering a move to Austin will not only enjoy the benefits of job security, but they will also gain the advantages of a very attractive real estate market. Currently, real estate in Austin, Texas is priced very competitively in relation to other large cities boasting similar opportunities. Comparable employment prospects in other cities typically offer a situation in which a family would be forced to live in a cramped apartment or condominium. However, a move to Austin will allow families to choose amongst an abundance of attractive properties with beautiful space and amenities.

An Austin home search will turn up many attractive single-family homes, duplexes, and spacious condominiums which boast modern features and come with the benefit of living in a wonderful city. In turn, many of these attractive properties are located in different parts of the city that fit nearly every lifestyle choice. Realtors in Austin can help you choose which area of the city you would find most appealing. For instance, someone who enjoys cultural events and live music would be better situated downtown in the heart of all the action. Conversely, for a family seeking peace and quiet in search Austin homes, would likely look for one of the outlying suburbs that provide fresh air, space, and a great public school system. Yet whatever lifestyle you desire, in considering moving to Austin it is also beneficial to consider the great weather and all its added opportunities. It goes without saying that Austin’s climate is beautiful and offers a reprieve from harsh winters and the possibility for an active healthy lifestyle.

Considering a move to Austin can provide for a wealth of opportunities and allow for financial freedom with the economic prosperity that central Texas is enjoying. Additionally, an Austin home search will inevitably turn up a great deal of attractive housing that is priced competitively and will appeal to a broad market of home buyers. The time is certainly right for a move to Austin.

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